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Episode 17

Published on:

1st May 2022

The Wisdom Sessions - CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) - What can we expect?

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In this episode, I explore the intriguing, albeit ominous, topic of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). This "centralized" digital monetary system, that promises to be an efficient and accurate replacement for fiat currencies, also introduces a slew of more insidious implications. Everything from granular tracking to programmable expiration, this fundamental shift could be a catalyst for a universal basic income (UBI) introduction and perhaps even the baseline for a social credit system akin to what we see in play in China today.

And don’t get me started on the cybersecurity risks – they’ve taken “decentralized” out of the recipe potentially rendering it even more susceptible to hackers than even our current system.

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Karim Hijazi

Karim has been at the forefront of attacker counterintelligence and infiltration research for the last decade, developing new ways for security teams to clandestinely monitor hackers and anticipate attacks before they happen. Prior to launching Prevailion, Karim was the founder/CEO of Unveillance, an early pioneer in advanced threat intelligence and the first cloud-based data leak intelligence platform. Karim successfully exited Unveillance in 2012 with an acquisition by Mandiant, and he was then appointed as Mandiant’s new director of intelligence. While at Mandiant, Karim played an important role in that company’s well-known APT1 report released in 2013, which definitively linked the People’s Liberation Army of China to widespread cyber espionage activity against US interests. Mandiant was acquired by FireEye soon after.

During the hacktivist heydays of the early 2010s, Karim engaged in a well-documented battle with the Anonymous offshoot “LulzSec,” after the group compromised an InfraGard database. Karim’s confrontation with the group was featured in Parmy Olson’s book, “We Are Anonymous,” as well as national media like CNN and CNET. During the Arab Spring, Karim also served as a key contributor to the Cyber Security Forum Initiative’s “Project Cyber Dawn Libya,” which provided the first in-depth look at Libyan cyber warfare capabilities and defenses. CSFI’s membership includes military officials, academics and business leaders from the US and around the world.

Over the years, Karim has served as a cybersecurity industry source for many prominent news outlets, including CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, The New York Times, Forbes, CyberScoop and many more.

Before devoting his work full-time to defense and intelligence product development, Karim served as founder at Demiurge Consulting, a counterintelligence and countermeasure consultancy whose clients and collaborations included Coca-Cola, TSYS, Baker Botts LLP, McKesson, Palantir, MIT, Berkeley and Stanford Universities.